Friday, October 26, 2012


I'm going to probably ditch this blog and create a new one soon to better reflect Ariella, however I'm not going to delete any of my posts here as I really don't feel like changing the location of her old voice bank downloads. Yes I'm aware that it would be an easy fix, but.. there you have it.

Until the big surprise about Ariella and the new UTAUloids that I plan on releasing in the HeavenLoid Project are released, I will do my best to update the progress on her voice banks.

I WILL rerecord her voice bank, I have been having quite a few issues finding time TO record, let alone a microphone with which to do so. I may continue to use my grandfather's hardware, or I could also save up and purchase a microphone of my own and record in my own apartment (which aside from some pipe sounds, is mostly soundproof due to concrete walls).

I have plans for a softer and "Kire" style voice banks as well, but again, until I find time to record for her main voice bank I really don't have much else to work with.

Will probably post my Luka and Tonio endeavors here until I make a proper blog for my UTAU/Vocaloid endeavors.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy 2nd Anniversary Ariella!

Another year, another cover. And now with Luka in the family, may there be many more duets and covers in the future!